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I help clients design sustainable, useful and effective experiences that add value to their users and connect people with brands


With more than 9 years experience I have a diversified portfolio ranging from creative concepting for integrated campaigns to platform design, from product specials to corporate websites.

I worked for many clients from various industries.


I have well-balanced analytic and creative skills and combine creative big-picture thinking with a love for details. Terms like hands-on, explorative, pragmatic and design thinking describe me best.

I’m a team player and like working in interdisciplinary teams. I like being challenged. I love to learn something new every day.


I know methods and tools to individually shape a project from end-to-end: translating insights into initial designs, exploring different ways from high-level to high-end and creating useful output to present and document designs.

I prototyping.

Jörn is a highly motivated and highly accomplished UX professional. He works very effectively in self-directed projects, and is equally effective in a collaborative team setting. I personally worked alongside Jörn on a visionary user interface project for a telecommunications company, and I found his contributions excellent and found him exceptionally enjoyable to work with. Would not hesitate to recommend him in any UX-related capacity.

Mike Betts, Head of Strategic Services at AKQA


Just a brief look into my recent projects. For an in-depth look into how I work please write a quick mail

Currently I’m working on this little app that will significantly improve people’s lives: the app offers a smart approach to answer the annoying question what to have for dinner and will diversify your daily diet.

A smart app, a playful experience, a new way of communication and simply – the next big thing. Maybe.

kitchen Future of home
Working together with our client we developed a visionary showcase for the future of home. The scenario presented how people live and interact in an environment of connected home appliances and smart devices.

With the kitchen as a centrepiece of our scenario we designed an interface that provides users with a centralized access to all their devices, offers for smart services and facilitates communication.

Using our office tables and chalk we developed a first, pretty rudimentary prototype. Through several steps we refined the experience to a concept state comprising a detailed storyboard, diverse design sketches and interaction studies.

vw_car-net VW Car-Net
VW Car-Net is Volkswagen’s portal for drivers of the new electric eUp and the first generation of VW Connectivity. The portal enables registered users to directly connect with their car and get access to remote services such as battery management and driving data.

In close collaboration with the client and third party suppliers we designed the web interface for the services.


Based on the experience we made during the Volkswagen project we were able to take the experience of a personalized service portals to a new level.

Stunning, powerful and fast – as a central part of the online experience myAudi had to seamlessly integrate into the website and meet the brand’s premium characteristics. Simplicity and performance where the main design principles to set a new benchmark in the automotive industry.


vw_world My Volkswagen
My Volkswagen is the portal for drivers and future owners of a VW. The portal provides personalized services and supports people during their individual customer lifecycle. Prospects can save and compare their configurations, receive information to support their buying decision and get personalized offers of a dealer close-by. Drivers register the car they own to manage their vehicle, get access to tailored services and after-sales information as well as other helpful resources.

Based on personas we identified central stages and needs in a typical customer lifecycle – we designed diverse services that enrich people’s experience. We made out relevant touch points within the VW digital and analogue landscape to offer users an entry point to the services and initiate a close and sustainable relationship with the brand.

Jörn is an wonderful and brilliant UX Architect. On one hand Jörn has a great understanding of the big picture of the projects on the other hand he produces very detailed concepts containing those little extras the client is amazed about. I was impressed by the continuously high standards and the speed of his work. Jörn is a great team player and proactive. It is always a great time and fun working with him. Highly recommended.

Michael Rothfischer, UX Director at Hi-ReS!


I had the pleasure of working with Jörn at AKQA. He is an excellent senior-level UX specialist who aptly combines creative big-picture thinking with a love for details. I especially admire Jörn's result-oriented design approach, his reliability and his amazing patience even in stressful situations. On a more personal level, his amiable personality, exceptional listening skills and a quiet sense of humor make him a delightful person to work with.

Hertje Brodersen, UX Strategist (freelance)

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